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Greece: A Perfect Blend of Relaxation & Immersive Experiences

Greece: A Perfect Blend of Relaxation & Immersive Experiences

$890 per person

Situated in the south-eastern corner of the Aegean Sea in Greece, the romantic island of Rhodes is a timeless holiday destination. Spectacular stretches of sand, emerald waters, beautiful historical sights, an inspiring medieval town, excursions to private islands and unlimited options for dining, entertainment and leisure promise unforgettable travel experiences for all.


The island is home to the iconic Mayia Exclusive Resort & Spa,  a euro-luxury resort that embodies the spirit of a premium all-inclusive escape that exceed even the highest expectations. Created to fulfil the desires of passionate international travelers, this new beach hotel offers upscale accommodation, personalized service and an extraordinary range of leisure and recreational facilities in an inspiring setting, exclusively designed for couples and adults.

All-inclusive Package Includes:

Deluxe Rooms & Suites with private pools • Premium all-inclusive fine dining with international branded drinks • Five themed restaurants • Four bars and one nightclub • Evening entertainment • Secluded beach with sunbeds• Indoor & outdoor pools • Wellness Spa & Fitness Centre • Sport activities – Water sports • Free high-speed Wi-Fi

Optional Add-On Excursions:

Includes transportation from resort and guide services

Departs:  9:00am   |   Length:  8 Hours

The atmospheric Old Town of Rhodes is a maze of cobbled streets that will spirit you back to the days of the Byzantine Empire and beyond.   The town was first developed over 2,400 years ago due to a unique geographical position as the crossroad between Aegean and Mediterranean seas, forming the best harbor installations.   This made Rhodes one of the wealthiest cities, a democracy that became a cultural and financial center in the aftermath of the Athenian glory.

This is a walking tour at your own pace with an experienced English-speaking guide providing an in-depth look past and present, combining both modern and medieval cities.  This tour will reveal the true story of the Colossus of Rhodes, famous as one of the seven wonders of antiquity.  The tour begins in the administrative district built by the Italians in the 1920’s for a glimpse at local life today before we travel back in time.

We then travel back along the scenic seaside reaching the Medieval City to uncover the Hospital of the Knights and ascend the noble Street of the Knights, passing the Grand Master’s Palace for a view of the entire city before descending to the Mosque of Suleiman the Magnificent.

Our tour moves on to the commercial alleys with shops and cafes leading to Ippokratous Square; the famous meeting point of the Medieval City and gateway to the Jewish quarter and its Central square of the “Jewish Martyrs”.

There are numerous restaurants with various cuisines and your guide will share options based upon your tastes.   After lunch, we will transfer to Kalithea Springs, an ancient-thermal hot spring and one of the island’s best beaches.  Featuring clear and calm sea with sunbeds, surrounded by beautiful natural rocks and buildings with marvelous Italian architecture.   A truly breathtaking ambiance to spend the afternoon relaxing with friends.


(Starting at $160 per person)

Includes transportation from resort, private charter and guide

Departs:  8:00am   |   Length:  11 Hours

Nestled between the Turkish coast and the islands of Rhodes, Tilos, and Kos, lies the enchanting and quaint island of Symi, located around 25 miles northwest of Rhodes, which is a must-visit to visitors to Greece’s Dodecanese island group. Upon arrival at Symi’s Gialos Harbor, one cannot help but remain spellbound by its charming pastel-colored homes and shops grace the hillside. The island evokes memories of authentic Greek Island life.

The up to nine-hour tour begins with hotel pickups in time for the approximate 9 a.m. sailing from the port of Mandraki, for the one to one and a half hour sailing to the less-visited Symi island sanctuary. The ship remains in the Dedocanese jewel of Symi for five hours, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in this enchanting Greek Island while taking priceless photos.

Upon arrival, professional guides are available for hire upon request, or guests can mingle in the charming port town of Yalos. Some guests might stay close to the horseshoe-shaped harbor exploring the island’s gastronomy and local buzz at coffee shops, galleries, local sponge and spice shops while others might wander up its narrow labyrinth to the old town Kastro or old town.

For beachcombers, hire a water taxi to the turquoise palette of Saint George Bay and beach for a couple of hours of swimming and sun-bathing.

At 3 p.m., the boat sails to the island’s most outstanding attraction, and the highlight of the days’ excursion is visiting the 18th century Moni Taxiarhou Mikhail Panormiti Monastery. The foremost church on the island contains a complexly wooden-carved icon and frescoes of St. Micheal, protector of sailors and fishermen. Pilgrims arrive at the large complex asking for favors from the patron saint and many times leave offerings. Guests will have around 45 minutes to visit the stellar church complex.

At around 6 p.m., your ship will arrive back in Rhodes with connections back to your hotel.

Don’t forget to bring sunscreen, wear comfortable walking shoes, pack your swimwear, and bring your camera for the many breathtaking photo opportunities along the day’s journey.


(Starting at $150 per person)

Includes transportation from resort and guide services

Departs:  9:00am   |   Length:  7 Hours

The Lindos Acropolis is one of the best-kept ruins in all of Greece and by far the most impressive archeological digs on the island of Rhodes. The ancient citadel is perched nearly 400 feet on the rocky promontory above the alabaster town of Lindos. The Acropolis, dominated by the 300 BC. Temple of Athena Lindia, once a sanctuary to the goddess Athena, the 4th century BC remnants attract visitors worldwide.

Due to its southeastern location, the elevated fortress established by the Dorians guided by King Tlepolemus of Rhodes by the 8th century was a significant trading center. The walls and towers of the natural framework of the cliff.

Your guided tour begins with a stroll through the narrow maze of the village below, leading to a climb of nearly 300 steps. The raised stronghold offers mesmerizing panoramic vistas of the island’s nearby azure bays and harbors.

Adjacent to Lindos Village is St. Paul’s Bay. Rhodians mention that St. Paul arrived in 51 AD to teach the locals Christianity. After spending the morning and early afternoon hour exploring antiquities in the historic town’s busy maze, spend the day at the beach swimming in the aquamarine and turquoise waters of the sun-splashed with two cove beaches.

On your days’ excursion, located in East Rhodes, is the perfect getaway for rejuvenating the mind and body at the thermal pools of Kallithea Springs. The recently renovated area of unsurpassed beauty lush gardens, pebbled mosaic floors, crystal clear waters, rotunda hall, and impressive atrium, make the springs create a solace after the days’ excursions.

Dine at the impeccable Tambakio Restaurant Beach Bar specializing in the freshest catch of the day, including fried calamari, octopus, Linden prawns with ouzo, pasta, and risotto complete with cozy beachfront cabanas for lounging by the sea.


(Starting at $160 per person)

Includes transportation from resort, private boat, meals and guide services

Departs:  9:00am   |    Length:  8 Hours

Saving and protecting marine life by establishing a protected area for species of the sea is the sustainability mission of Bluetopia Marine Park. Greece’s first and only privately operated aquatic park is at home in one of the Mediterranean’s most flourishing ecosystems.

This tour explores four islands with limits on human activity. The day at sea delves into marine life, biodiversity and conservation issues. Participants get up close and personal with aquatic life in its natural habitat, as they snorkel and dive with more than 50,000 sea bream, graceful rays, tuna weighing up to 250 pounds, and endemic Mediterranean seagrass.

Bluetopia’s friendly team of professional marine biologists and passionate ecologists lead this full day’s excursion, exploring uninhabitable rock islets with secluded bays. Masks, fins and snorkels are provided.

The day begins with a transfer from your hotel to the Kamiros Skala port of Rhodes to board the private boat. The cruise swings past the islets of Makri and Stroggili en route to Alimia, where a working marine farm offers a rare opportunity to feed and later swim with thousands of fish. If ocean conditions cooperate (as they usually do), there is a 90% chance to swim with frolicking bottle-nose dolphins.

The last stop is the island of Halki, where you’ll indulge in a fish fry with sea bream, octopus and squid at one of the many tavernas by the sea. In addition, the comfortable boat is stocked with delicious Greek treats including fresh fruit and other snacks, soft drinks and cold beer.

This is an excursion not to be missed on your Rhodes adventure. Besides sharing many unforgettable memories, the Bluetopia staff takes photographs of guests above and below the surface of the sea. Usually, by evening the photos have been emailed to you.

Getting there is easy with numerous flights to Rhodes with simple connections from most US gateways via London, Paris, Frankfurt, Munich, Athens, Amsterdam, Dublin and many more.


(Starting at $300 per person)

With equal measures of grunge and grace, Athens is a heady mix of ancient history and contemporary cool.


The magnificent Acropolis, visible from almost every part of the city, is the hub around which Athens still revolves. This temple city, built in the 5th century BC, serves as a daily reminder to Greeks of their heritage and the city’s many transformations. All over the urban basin, rooftops and balconies angle toward the landmark, a block of milky marble atop a steep-sided hill. Pull up your own chair, settle in and allow time to appreciate the Acropolis’ many moods, as the light shifts and the clouds cast their shifting shadows.


The cultural and social life of Athens plays out amid, around and in landmarks that are centuries old, if not millennia. The remnants of Ancient Greece get the most attention, of course, thanks to a little thing called democracy. Oh, and mythology, and drama, and philosophy. But don’t overlook the ‘later’ years: thousand-year-old Byzantine churches, for instance, which squat, unruffled in the middle of streets and attached to hillsides. Ottoman traces can be seen in architecture and in food. And the neoclassical style of the 19th century adds elegance all over the centre.


Although Athenians have endured difficult circumstances since the start of the economic crisis in 2009, the city as a whole crackles with energy in art shows, political debates and even on the walls of derelict buildings, as Athens has become one of Europe’s most noted spots for street art. Creative surprises lie around nearly every corner, so be sure to leave room in your schedule for spontaneous discovery: buy a ticket to that dance show that’s just starting as you walk by, or sit down at the restaurant where the musicians are setting up. You’ll be rewarded.


  • Airport arrival greet and transfer to hotel for check-in (Luxury sedan or van depending on number of passengers).
  • Athens sightseeing tour for 4 hours tour in Athens and schedule your itinerary as you wish in Areas inside Athens city to include the Parthenon – Acropolis & Acropolis Museum and/or Athens Center, Piraeus, Lycabettus, Athens city coast ( Vouligmeni, Vari , Varkiza), Panathenaic Stadium.
  • One night at the Athens Hilton.


Starting at $155 per person.

  • Destination
  • Included
    Activities as Specified
    English Speaking Guide
    Government taxes
    Meals as Specified
  • Not Included
    Domestic Airfare
    International Airfare
    Tips For Tour Guides
    Travel Insurance
    Visa Processing


Unlike most tour operators, you are not required to choose a fixed date or travel with a group. You can choose to begin your private tour on any date. These are EVERYDAY DEPARTURES.

Tour Price

Room Type (9/29 -10/12) (10/13 - 10/30)
Deluxe Room Sea View  $1,150 $890
Premier Room Sea View  $1,215 $945 
Deluxe Bungalow Sea View  $1,285 $1,015 
Deluxe Bungalow Swim Up Garden View  $1,350 $1,080 
Deluxe Room Swim Up Sea View  $1,425 $1,150 
Junior Suite Sea View  $1,485 $1,215 
Junior Suite Swim Up Sea View  $1,550 $1,285 
Premier Bungalow Suite Sea View  $1,620  $1,350 
Premier Bungalow Suite Swim Up Sea View  $1,700 $1,425
    • This is an all inclusive package quoted for 5 nights & 6 days per person.
    • All prices and fares are quoted in U.S. dollars and subject to change. 
    • Please note: Prices for 5 or more travelers available upon request.
    • Deluxe Rooms & Suites with private pools • Premium all-inclusive fine dining with international branded drinks • Five themed restaurants • Four bars and one nightclub • Evening entertainment • Secluded beach with sunbeds• Indoor & outdoor pools • Wellness Spa & Fitness Centre • Sport activities - Water sports • Free high-speed Wi-Fi
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